[s-cars] pressure tester?

dbkase at gmail.com dbkase at gmail.com
Thu Oct 29 05:22:31 PDT 2009

UPDATE: I made a careful repair to the Michelin Man hose last night and all  
is well. No more cut outs and my neck is healing. It looks like it was all  
due to the cut in the hose. Replacement on it's way. Thanks for all the  


> Big leak sounds under boost is what you might well expect if your split
> hose is staying closed until some boost hits.

> I'm kinda bumfozzled over your problem. It's probably something
> very simple but at the moment DAMFINO what it might be. I'll keep
> thinking about it and let those with better heads than mine come up with
> a good answer for you. If I think of something I'll get back
> atcha.

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