[s-cars] Bleeding brakes

Erik Addy erikaddy at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 31 17:32:59 PDT 2009

Why wired closed?  I would think you would want it wired open to get fluid thru the valve as easy as possible?


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I am not a fan of stainless lines, and having run both back-to-back there
isn't significant difference in pedal feel with the stock brakes. Most of
the "mush" in the G60 setup appears to be due to caliper design and
mounting- I've tried many different pads with no real effect.

The only thing I've seen that has significantly improved the feel of stock
brakes is making sure that the proportioning valve is wired closed during
bleeds on the early cars (build date through June of 1995). This is very
frequently overlooked and results in horrible pedal feel.


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