[s-cars] Eibach spacer info needed

mpollan1 at aim.com mpollan1 at aim.com
Wed Sep 2 08:42:41 PDT 2009

Hi Chris, I do believe I have the 10mm spacers knocking about doing me no good.? I'll double check when I get home tonight and drop you a PM.? It's gonna cost you a kryptonite lock though :-)?


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After switching from Bilsteins to Boge/Sachs stock I find I have a rear end that 
is too low
I called Eibach today and the Tech didn't know anything about a spacer, but 
started researching
after I sent him this link:


Does anyone know the part number for the spacer Eibach provided to correct for 
the low rear spring they provided?

Or does anyone have theEibach spacers?


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