[s-cars] '91 VW Vanagon with an Audi 20V turbo

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I would really appreciate it if people didn't cross-post like this - I mean
I got over a pretty major Syncro Westie problem a few years back (I owned 3
the last one was in the shop ready for a Sube swap engine when snags
developed).  I don't need any encouragement to slide back down another
slippery slope, and I want everyone's support in letting this thread die

I think the most damn fun I ever had driving was the Syncro Westie.  The
Sube's a better swap, but if this one was a S-W with a 20V turbo I'd
probably be heading to Florida, even though I'd hate myself the whole

My name is Phil, and I haven't owned a Vanagon in 3 years.


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cool.  price is crazy for such a one-off though.  smells like "thinks he can
get the money it cost to build it" syndrome. also a bit odd is the 'receipts
for the engine swap'... if it was done by the tech in the speed shop, ummm,
why would he have written receipts to himself? did the boss charge the
employee for his own time installing his own engine? (maybe I'm reading too
much and they sold the van to a customer BEFORE the motor swaps).

agree why not start with a syncro van though...also too bad about the 4
speed (but maybe there's a tech issue with the Van 5 speed and the 5I block
swap, I don't know)
sleeper look is cool but I'd give it a couple old skool rally lights on the
bow both for function and to hint "hey look closer, this is not your run of
the mill dorky Vanagon"

> <http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/1991-VW-Vanagon-Carat-w-250-hp

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