[s-cars] Heater Core - Source for all metal version?

Peter Schulz pcschulz at comcast.net
Sun Sep 6 10:06:28 PDT 2009


Given how long the oem plastic/aluminum one lasted, your greater 
concern should be the quality of the replacement, be it 
plastic/aluminum,  or brass & copper.

I replaced the radiator in my wife's former 200q20v avant with an 
"all metal" radiator made by Nissens instead of the plastic/aluminum oem Behr.

I had to chase the threads on the Nissens radiator because they were 
filled with paint overspray, and the paint started peeling off the 
radiator within a week of installation.  Not to mention some of the 
brazing on the endtanks looked iffy.

I would try to replace either the radiator or heater core with oem or 
at least a name brand/quality one, if possible not made in China...



At 10:02 AM 9/5/2009 -0400, Peter Dowker wrote:
>Hi All.
>Very sorry to miss S-fest again this year, but the heap just ain't
>ready for road work. Recent events, including the heater core
>replacement project and the intermittent shut down, continue to plague
>me. I must pay greater homage to the Audi gods....
>Does anyone have a parts source for an all-metal version of the heater
>core on the urS4/6 C4 chassis. Impex is back ordered at the moment....
>Thanks in advance.
>Peter Dowker
>1993 S4 - interminable project
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