[s-cars] '91 VW Vanagon with an Audi 20V turbo

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I would have been a lot more impressed by a 250 hp turbo Vanagon a few years ago.  But in this era of 266 hp Toyota Siennas and 244 hp Honda Odysseys, that doesn't seem like a big deal now.

Just trying to help.  :)

pmische wrote:
> I would really appreciate it if people didn't cross-post like this - I mean
> I got over a pretty major Syncro Westie problem a few years back (I owned 3
> the last one was in the shop ready for a Sube swap engine when snags
> developed).  I don't need any encouragement to slide back down another
> slippery slope, and I want everyone's support in letting this thread die
> quickly.
> I think the most damn fun I ever had driving was the Syncro Westie.  The
> Sube's a better swap, but if this one was a S-W with a 20V turbo I'd
> probably be heading to Florida, even though I'd hate myself the whole
> way.... 
> My name is Phil, and I haven't owned a Vanagon in 3 years.
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> cool.  price is crazy for such a one-off though.  smells like "thinks he can
> get the money it cost to build it" syndrome. also a bit odd is the 'receipts
> for the engine swap'... if it was done by the tech in the speed shop, ummm,
> why would he have written receipts to himself? did the boss charge the
> employee for his own time installing his own engine? (maybe I'm reading too
> much and they sold the van to a customer BEFORE the motor swaps).
> agree why not start with a syncro van though...also too bad about the 4
> speed (but maybe there's a tech issue with the Van 5 speed and the 5I block
> swap, I don't know)
> sleeper look is cool but I'd give it a couple old skool rally lights on the
> bow both for function and to hint "hey look closer, this is not your run of
> the mill dorky Vanagon"
>> <http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/1991-VW-Vanagon-Carat-w-250-hp
> -Audi-Turbocharged-Motor_W0QQitemZ300343875744QQ>
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