[s-cars] Radio & iPod upgrades

Matthew Russell skippertgore at gmail.com
Fri Sep 11 06:36:40 PDT 2009

Sorry if this has been beaten to death. I pitched the whole Blose  
system in the s4. Can't afford that in the Avant!
But my 1 hour commute each direction has me yearning for entertainment!

First, has anyone upgraded to concert I or II? Thoughts on the cd in  
dash vs cassette? Hook-ups the same? One better than the other?

Second, running the iPhone into the system?

I've searched QW and AW, and have also seen the write up that someone  
did on an a8, but I'd rather use a 30 pin connector instead of the  
3.5mm jack.

Thanks for any help.

Didn't Bill M post a link to a writeup that he did about six months  
ago?thought I bookmarked that and now can't find it



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