[s-cars] ABS Off Light Problem

Brian Armstead barmstea at voanews.com
Mon Sep 14 07:32:17 PDT 2009

Thanks Tom.  Where do I get VAG-COM, and is there any built in function 
(in the HVAC head, for example) I can use to clear the codes?


Tom Green wrote:
> Have you checked for codes?  And, cleared them after recording?
> VAG-COM can identify individual wheel sensors if that is the problem and
> will go a long way to eliminate wild guessing.
> Tom
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>> Bob/Chris/all,
>> Brake pad sensor light is off after I did what you suggested - thanks.
>> Took out the ABS sensors,  cleaned them, blew out the cavity with air,
>> and reinserted firmly.
>> "ABS Off" light is still on.  Any more suggestions?
>> TIA,
>> Brian
>> Robert Myers wrote:
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>>> And...
>>> If that treatment doesn't work there may be an open somewhere else in
>>> the circuit.  It can be VERY difficult to find such an open.  There is
>>> a pair of wires (the other ends of the wear sensor wires) which
>>> inhabit one of the plugs in the back side of the instrument cluster.
>>> Just open up the plug, locate the two wires join them inside the plug
>>> (solder and black tape) and close the plug back up and..
>>> Reassembly is the reverse of disassembly.  ;-)
>>> If you need to know exactly which wires and which plug just ask.  It's
>>> been a while since I did it so I'll hafta go digging to be able to
>>> tell you for sure but I did this to my car when such an open circuit
>>> occurred and it works beautifully.
>>> Bob
>>> At 10:02 AM 9/8/2009, chris chambers wrote:
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>>>> Brian,
>>>> I recommend instead of using paper clips clip that you use the plugs
>>>> from your old pads.
>>>> Cut the plugs off your old pads leaving plenty of wires.
>>>> Twist and solder the two wires together and tape with black tape to
>>>> prevent corrosion.
>>>> Now plug these plugs back into the plugs on the car and hhopefully
>>>> the brake pad sensor
>>>> warning indicater will go off.
>>>> HTH
>>>> Chris

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