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On the older cars with distributor cap and rotor, the problems I would usually have
after hosing an engine down were typically with water getting inside the distributor
cap.  Usually if I had a car with distributor cap sealed well, I can hose it and spray
it all day long and it continues to run without a miss - of cours you wouldn't want to
get water in the air intake.

Your engine uses a hall sensor at top of engine with no cap/rotor.

So what could be probem with yours? Water intrusion somewhere - Possibilities:

Intake Air Plenum - MAF (Mass Air Flow sensor) ; Water Pooling somewhere in those intake
pipes and intercooler(s).

Water somehow got down in the ignition coils - should be under sealed cover, so doubt

Some other connector has water in it and not getting good connection.  Would be good
just to go through connectors and spray some sort of dielectric lubricant.

Also, O2 sensors can start to mis-read when aging and sprayed with water, giving false

Dry the engine off good with compressed air, if available.  This is one of the few cases
where I think WD40 might do some good, and there are even better drying/lubricating

Also, the ECU is located in a low spot in footwell, so better check there, even if
engine is running right.  The unit will become ruined if left in a moist environment.

What else?


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So I drove through flooded streets yesterday that I couldn't avoid,  now I have a wet
engine.  It has a hard start,  takes 2-3 cranks plus pushing on the gas a little bit for
it to start.  How can I help it dry out?  I've been driving it quite a bit and that's
not drying it out.  
'95 S6


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