[s-cars] Scammer Alert: Jase Williams , perhaps AKA Jason Charron was back on AF marketplace!

jpb3 jpburns3 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 14 09:06:49 PDT 2009

I have given this guy enough time to return all my money before
blowing the whistle on him. A very long story made short -> Jase
Williams from "Indy" advertised a used RS2 exhaust manifold and a new
RS2 Comp turbo on AF about 2 months ago. I contacted him and we agreed
to the transaction. I sent him a deposit of $300 via PayPal
immediately. He indicated he would prefer the balance sent via
cashiers check or money order to a Michigan address on Audette St in
Dearborn. Said it was his wife's home and he was in Indy on "contract"
work. Luckily I was away on a business trip so the only option he had
for the balance was PayPal and I said I would prefer to do the whole
transaction via PayPal anyways. He agreed after I said I would include
the transaction fee and I sent him the balance. Well, 4 weeks and 50 +
emails later he still had not shipped the parts and said he could not
withdraw the money from PayPal. He reversed the second payment I made
to him for $1030 b/c PayPal would not let him transfer it to another
account and asked again if I would send him a MO or cashiers check
made out to Charron LLC.

This name sparked a memory and I had already concluded that this
transaction was beyond "fishy" so I searched around and found a few
posts on AW about Jason Charron and him either dragging his feet or in
one case ripping someone off was documented. I can't say for sure Jase
Williams is Jason Charron as he said he was just one of several S4
owners that created Charron LLC etc...but whatever.

So I got my $1030 back b/c he couldn't get it out of PayPal, the
intial $300 was lost. I files a claim via PayPal and they got back
$150 of my $300 so in the end I learned a $150 lesson. Sucks though as
I have done many transactions on AF marketplace without any problems
and I was completely stoked to finally find a decent deal on an RS2
turbo set up.

One kinda funny note on the whole thing was when I asked some history
and why he was posting on AF but I never read a post from him on SCar
list or AW he replied, and I quote:

"I do from time to time check out the forums on AW, Just 4rings,
Vortex, Fourtitude, AZ, and what have you. But I don't really post
because I don't care for the politics, nor people like Dave F.
thinking he knows more than anybody else. Plus the people I rely on
like to stay quiet and out of that sort of thing also. They were
connected with the Trans-Am teams and Lehmann, and have been into Audi
5cyl a very long time..."

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