[s-cars] B5 A4 POS

Lee Levitt lee at wheelman.com
Mon Sep 14 09:46:05 PDT 2009

A brief note for some manly chest-thumping.

I had a POS fail on my '01 B5 A4 a few months ago. When it failed, 
I asked my mechanic to stash a spare POS in my glove box.

Last night that turned out to have been a good idea. :)

10 miles west of Sturbridge on the Mass Turnpike, 8 PM at night, I 
felt the familiar drop in power and ensuing roughness.

I coaxed the car to the rest stop in Sturbridge, and with the help 
of my 16 YO daughter, found the failed POS (the 3rd one checked, 
of course!) and got the car back on the road in about 15 minutes.

The wife and the daughter were both suitably impressed. The wife 
with my mechanical skills and the daughter with her ability to 
participate in the fix.


I'm not the most accomplished mechanic on this list...in fact, far 
from it...I was quite pleased with my ability to both diagnose the 
problem and to fix it without breaking anything else!


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