[s-cars] ABS Off Light Problem

Brian Armstead barmstea at voanews.com
Mon Sep 14 10:08:54 PDT 2009

Thanks Tom and everyone.

Mark Pollan lives nearby and has offered his help.

Will report the results!


Tom Green wrote:
> There are several listings for owners of diagnostic software willing 
> to help such as
> this one, or you may get a direct reply from this list.  I believe 
> that is what Joe was
> suggesting by asking your location.  You may need your own VAG 1551/2 
> adapter
> (OBD-2 to 2X2) but there are Chinese knockoffs on ebay now that are 
> just as good
> as the $50 Audi tool.  The point is you don't need to drop serious 
> coin for your own
> system if you aren't going to be doing a lot of DIY work to justify 
> the cost.
> http://vagcomlocator.com/tinc?key=cSZEvUVt&formname=VAGCOM
> Be sure to check all the information available at ross-tech as Joe has 
> suggested
> with his link.
> There have been a couple of reports of a cheap ebay diagnostic reader 
> that is
> programmed for most Audi modules and worked fine on s-cars.  It was 
> either on
> this list or the QW forum.  I don't have any direct knowledge as to 
> how comprehensive
> it is;  i.e., does it give secondary information, or how much data was 
> just stolen from
> Scott Mockery has some great diagnostic information on his site.  If 
> not useful now, it
> will be at some time for s-car owners.  At least, code clearing is 
> covered there:
> http://www.sjmautotechnik.com/
> There are some VAG-COM forums on AW and QW but they are marginally 
> useful.  I
> find they are mostly populated by newer car owners that bought them as 
> a gadget
> and don't have a clue how to use the software, expecting it to lead 
> them by the nose
> like a MAC laptop.
> The C4 sensors clip into a copper (colored?) holder that should 
> automatically place it
> in the correct position.  The clips can be damaged or corroded beyond 
> use and are
> replaceable.  If the sensor touches the rotor it will be damaged very 
> quickly and require
> replacement.
> Some listers have reported problems communicating with the ABS module 
> on early
> model S4 cars.  I have two S6 vehicles so I sometimes forget there are 
> differences.
> You should be able to handle it from here.  Good luck.
> Tom
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>> On Mon, Sep 14, 2009 at 7:33 AM, Brian Armstead 
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>>> Brake pad sensor light is off after I did what you suggested - thanks.
>>> Took out the ABS sensors, ?cleaned them, blew out the cavity with air,
>>> and reinserted firmly.
>> Are C4 platform ABS sensors spaced with ablative caps, as on the C3's?
>> Second question: did the light originally come on immediately, or
>> after the car had been moved a bit?  If it was the latter, then
>> something in the ABS controller self-test found a fault.  The major
>> thing that is tested then is the ABS valve unit (which is what causes
>> your headlights to dim for a second when backing out of a driveway at
>> night, etc.)  Seems extremely unlikely (only thing I can think of
>> would be some rust or dirt was pushed back up from the old calipers
>> and got stuck in the unit), but I agree with Tom- you really do need
>> to pull codes to find out why that light is on.
>> Where are you located?  Someone with VAGCOM might live nearby. Make
>> sure they have the proper version and cables (are the S-cars 2x2
>> adapters?)
>> Brett

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