[s-cars] Scammer Alert: Jase Williams , perhaps AKA Jason

Patrick Moores pfm2316 at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 15 05:07:30 PDT 2009

Hey, I am so sorry to hear your of your experience with this guy. I tried so hard to get that turbo/manifold/injector set off this guy. He actually waited over a week to get back to me telling me that he had a deal in the final stages and would let me know if it fell through......then he got back to me and stated that he would like to start up a negotiation with me as his original deal fell through. I kept a flurry of emails insisting that he sell the set to me but he kept coming up with paypal excuses when I told him I wanted paypal to protect both of us. He also told me about the Indy/Michigan tale and that he wasn't home at any set time where he could send me photos with visible part numbers. There was so much that was almost believeable and then there was too much that was suspicious about his lack of pursuit of me while I'm waving money at him. I would have thought that a legitimate seller would have jumped at the chance to take the money I was
 offering. I kept telling myself that I should trust in the fact that I've had so many great and helpful sellers on audifans and consider some of them great aquaintances now as well who offer help and advice even though our transactions are long completed. I am disappointed to hear that you're still out $150 though, what was paypal's excuse for not getting you all your money back? I've also had great help from paypal in resolving several issues/mistakes. I was so bothered by the fact that Jase Williams, as he signed his emails to me, would not pursue me and my obvious interest in his sale items. I would love to hear anyone else's experience with this guy....again, so sorry to hear about your experience but am very happy that we tell everyone about this person and how easily this can happen. Something in me too wouldn't be surprised to hear that there is something somewhat legit about the guy but how can someone try so hard to screw up a deal with me when
 I'm acting the fool waving money at him......hell, I thought about asking him if I could drive out to MI to see and pick up the parts and pay him in person....our transaction never reached that point as he finally stopped emailing me. Let me know if you would like me to search my email correspondence with him and forward any emails to share with you if you would think that it would be helpful in any way. Thanks again to all the honest audifans sellers that are out there, you know who you are.      regards, Patrick


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