[s-cars] 16" Avus wheels and ECS Stage 3

Serge Filanovsky serge at romanfilanovsky.com
Wed Sep 16 02:56:45 PDT 2009

Jay, my understanding is that the current ECS Stage 3 kit is not the same as
what most listers are referring to. It is no longer a Porsche 993 caliper
based kit. I would double check with them if it fits under 16" Avus wheels
at all.


95.5 S6 Avant

On 9/15/09, LL - NY <larrycleung at gmail.com> wrote:
> I have the ECS Stage 3 kit and the winter set up is on the 6 spoke Avus'.
> There is no need for H+R spacers, as axial clearance isn't that tight. *
> Radial* clearance at the beveled ends of the calipers IS credit card
> thickness tight, however. IF gravel or anything got caught between the wheel
> and caliper it won't be pretty. If you must winter, the slightly smaller
> diameter A8 rotor (several Stage II kits use 'em) might provide the extra
> peace of mind. I haven't tried the Stage 2 kits, but I'd venture a guess in
> street driving there'd be little appreciable difference in performance with
> ANY gain in caliper clearance being worth the trade-off.
> Just my $0.02
> LL - NY
> On Tue, Sep 15, 2009 at 5:50 AM, J3 <jay003 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I am considering purchasing the ECS Stage 3 brake kit for my 95.5 S6. My
>> stock set up is ready for new rotors and pads so I wanted to get some
>> better
>> braking.
>> My snows are the stock 16" Avus 6 spoke wheels. Will I have any problems
>> mounting this kit with the stock 16" wheels? I searched the archives and
>> it
>> seems that they will fit as long as the weights are the clip on kind.
>> Any things else I should know or consider?
>> Thanks,
>> Jay Desmarais
>> 1995.5 S6
>> Burlington, VT

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