[s-cars] ABS Off Light Problem - VAG COM

Tom Green trgreen at comcast.net
Thu Sep 17 06:12:51 PDT 2009

I had mentioned in the fine print that some S4 owners were having  
scanning the ABS module.   I guess we need an affirmation from at  
least one
that they can scan the module.

I believe Ian has the Airbag control module mixed up with the ABS.   
The airbag
controller and connectors for early models are indeed in the center  
console.  The
ABS electronic controller is under the rear seat, drivers side.  I  
know of no direct
reading connectors for VAG-COM, though.  The fault codes are stored in  
the ECU.

It could be that the fault has been corrected but the fault remains  
until cleared in
the ECU.  Try clearing all the codes and perhaps the light will clear  


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> Gents:
> I met up with Brian this evening to pull codes and I could not read/ 
> connect
> to the ABS module.  I first ran Autoscan and some trivial codes came  
> up but
> no reading on ABS.  Going directly to the ABS module and no  
> connection.  I
> tried several times to no avail.  I have access to an old HEX COM  
> with the
> OBD II connector and the 2x2 adapter dongle.  I would have suspected  
> the
> dongle but connection was established with other controllers.
> Thoughts?  Is it possible the controller itself is messed up?  I  
> rang up
> Mark Turczyn as I had already pestered Manny Sanchez and Mark though  
> maybe
> the no read condition is due to a bad connection to the ABS controller
> itself.  Seem plausible?  Where might the controller be located as I  
> gifted
> my Bentley to Mark when I sold the S6.
> Any and all insights are greatly appreciated.  Brian is a hell of a  
> nice guy
> and I'd love to see this to closure but your help is definitely  
> needed.
> Thanks in advance,
> Mark

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