[s-cars] NAC: e28 ///M5 anyone?

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Taka defied:

<<<Now find one of the uber-rare black on black buffalo hide Canadian spec cars- 1 of 20, IIRC.>>>

Ooooooooooh Kaaaaaaaaaaay...

How about, oh um...  here?  (Just Add //SFest...  BAM!):


and har:


and har:


Muwhahahahaa, pardon.  Jay has a urS car at home here in sunny CT which I BlackBalled him from bringing so as to bask in his blk gut'd e28 glory.  Werked forkin kewl.  Beyond, really.

The one I posted coinkidinkilly arrived daze later, also from nearby in CT go figger.  Amen to the rest of what Taka noted...  entirely handbuilt, bespoke bits, US ///M cherrypopper, M1 motor, etc.  While US cars were strangled down to 256hp from 286, a Dinan chip and removing the resonators surely wakes one up effectively.


Bologna's link is gold, learned me a few bits thar...  official US import of 1,238 - good to know tx Mafoney.  Most interesting to me is while losing 30hp due to cats and lower compression, US cars used a 3.91FD vs. 3.83 for ROW.  You can fix the power but you can't (well you can but) fix the gearing.  Neat!  Explains why the things are so f'n explosive off the line it does.

Glad there are those of you here as nutty as I am about them!  Phenomenal machines these things.  You really owe it to yerself to try one heh heh...


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Now that will start a lot of controversy on the list!

The reason an E28 M5 will hold its value better? Easy- desirability.

The M5 of that era was a handbuilt car built in Garching by the Motorsport division in their own little factory. The S38 engine is a handbuilt engine that traces its roots to the BMW M1 and is an exotic car engine.

They're also very rare- 1000 made? That was the first M car to make it to the US, barring the M1.

Now find one of the uber-rare black on black buffalo hide Canadian spec cars- 1 of 20, IIRC.


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Ooooh.... nice!

I've got too many cars myself, but will pass this on to a friend.  He sold his E28 M5 several years ago and has been kicking himself ever since.

Mandatory Audi content: How come those BMWs hold their value better than Audi S-cars?

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Risking life and limb against moderator public stoning...  I'd want to know about it - soooooooooooo...

'88 e28 ///M5, 73k

Near <<<CHERRY>>> in some regards, needing slight attention in a couple others (cracked lower front valance, causing slight push-back to LF fender arch - not major but that's biggest faux pas).

Car runs / drives like a meelyun bucks.  Two, actually.  B&B cat back, sounds like a raped race car.  Paint is astoundingly clean for such an old car.   Interior is really nice considering age.  Not perfect but REALLY good compared to much of what I've seen.  New Conti's on amazing BBSs (OE).  Engine compartment looks *new*!

1,175 imported, not many 73k milers left... in this condition, unmolested.  Nope.  Uh uh.  And the ones that are around rarely are FS and when they are they're +$20k.  I'd guess this in the high-teens, find me if you're interested.

After 4yrs / 50k in mine, piloting this was a true treat for me 10yrs later.  Funny as I got mine (in '95!) with 70k, this was maaaaaaajor déjà vu for me.  Seeing it parked next to contemporary super-ish cars is kinda neat too - it seems soooooo small, and quintessentially styled.  Most amazing is how firckin *light* it is to hustle around.  And the enthusiast in you simply HAS to experience hearing one these come atchya WOT - the intake note (wailing banshee) is borderline RETAHDED!  SCHWING!


Sorry, I (obviously) have a soft spot for these - but know there's gamer enough of youses here to want to know.

Until The Man unleashes Wrath and Fury upon me, that is...


ps.  also a pretty darn rare Ming / Ecru '02 //S8 for anyone looking - uuuuuuuuuuber clean!

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