[s-cars] NAC: e28 ///M5 anyone? - *DANGER WILL ROBINSON*

pkrasusky at ups.com pkrasusky at ups.com
Sat Sep 19 20:15:17 PDT 2009

Taka rarified (beware furtherfurther NAC):

<<<I don't think too many people at SFest knew how rare a black/black E28 M5 really is. >>>

Had me some 'and now for something - completely different' fun last night w/ some right-field P time...  '95 928GTS.

Last of the 406 928s made were these 2" wider GTSs for '93-'95... 349hp / 370stq / 3600lb / $86k.

6k miles silver/blk, dogleg 1st 5sp - beat Doug Flutie to the punch by hours its said the other day (no joke), things that make you go hmmm.



-Paul so many cars so little cash so much reality sux K.

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