[s-cars] VAG COM and other electronic diagnostics

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Hey Manny, et al:

The thread got long so I cut all but Tom's response.  Manny, I don't know
the frequency of your needs wrt VAG COM but my buddy Jim (Brain Armstead met
him) has the cable and the 2 x 2 dongle.  I have unabated access to the
cable and software is on my laptop so if ya wanna save a few $$...


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The VAG-COM is going to make life a lot easier than the generic reader  
because it records why many
of the DTCs were recorded: open circuit, ground fault, out of  
tolerance rich or lean, etc, as well as the
ability to graph and record outputs while you drive.  If you own a  
laptop PC, that helps reduce the cost,
but the VAG-COM cost is not trivial.

There are a lot fewer modules on the S6 than newer models, and the  
diagnostic capabilities on the newer
models are amazing in some respects.  You should verify that the  
generic OBDII reader will access the
OBDI information on the S6, since commonality of the code was not  
required, and some will not read with
the 2X2 connector.  Many of the FLAPS will read your DTCs free and use  
the same readers they sell, so that
would be a way to check one out.  You may need your own 2X2 adapter  
since they are looking for an OBDII
purple connector.

There are a lot of other areas to use the VAG-COM besides the engine  
faults--even on the S6, i.e., resetting
the inspection lights, ABS faults, airbag fault codes and resets, and  
many more on the newer models.  This
code reading won't fix your car, and in many cases is just a hint of  
where to start, but when coupled with the
Bentley manual for troubleshooting specific DTCs, it sure beats raw  


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