[s-cars] brake failure

james McCarthy jjssmccarthy at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 22 19:48:36 PDT 2009

Here's the story.
Brakes have been running fine - thought have suspected the servo might be starting to go.  
Drive to work no problem.  Come out to drive home - no brakes - rock hard pedal.  Open hood and the p reservoir is is all wet on top - best I can figure it looks like the fluid was forced out of the cap.  After 10 minutes of idling the brakes sort of came back - a bit firm but working.  So I limped home (3 miles) and immediately after stopping pedal was rock hard and now wouldn't come back - thought no further fluid loss.  So thought it was the servo - and replaced it... now the fun begins.
First - pedal is still rock hard - though is compressible - but with pulsations.  
Second - when first assembled the wheels were all locked - like the brakes were activated.  Separating the servo and MC released the wheels
So questions:
1) MC failure?  seems unlikely to have caused my initial symptoms. Also when assembling the MC and servo - should it just slide together or is there a little "pressure" as they engage - compressing the MC piston... I had this.
2) Bomb?  it's less than two years old but possible I suppose... still doesn't explain the problem with the locked wheels after swapping the servo.

Any wisdom would be appreciated.


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