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Bares, Vittorio Vittorio.Bares at nuance.com
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Thanks Chris - I didn't look far enough in terms of kick plates, but I
found it.


Ok, I'm half way there - I jumped the power terminals and low and
behold, 3 of my switches on the driver's side panel lit up and 3 windows
worked. I think a pretty good indicator that the relay is toast.


However, now to get to the switch panel so I can least close my driver's
side front window - I suspect that 3rd switch is bad or a wire is bad.


I'll look on SJm to see if there are instructions for removing the door
panel - I've broken enough of these things to know that there is a
sequence and hidden tricks.


If anyone has a quick pointer that would be helpful.


Thanks again.


Vittorio -

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If none of the windows are working it could be the 441 959 257 B relay
329 on top, and identified as the J139 relay by SJM's site) under the
driver's side kickpanel.


Problem is it's an expensive relay, where are you at? Perhaps there is
somebody close

to you that will loan you a relay to test.








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Thanks guys - I'm in the process of taking the door panel off and
inspecting-  due to the nature of the failure - all power seems to quit
to all switches at the same time I'm tending to think it's the power
window relay - however, I'm really having a hard time finding where that
is located.

Anyone on the list have diagram or can describe where that puppy is?

n  I've checked under the hood in the relay panel there - I only found a
couple of thermal fuses for PW

n  Nothing labeled under the driver side kick panel

n  My ETKA says it's on the driver's side POS (8) relay position 1-2

For now, I think I'll try to put some power to the motors for the open
windows, at least I'll be able to drive the car to work J

Vittorio -

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Have you checked the wiring in the hinge area? It's fairly common for
one or more wires to fail due to being flexed back and forth too many
times.Pull the door panel and boot to investigate.


On Mon, Aug 2, 2010 at 7:30 AM, Bares, Vittorio
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Hi there listers - subject is a 1995 S6.

Power windows have been on-and-off for sometime - typically won't work
right away, but at some point during my drive they would come on. Most
recently I discovered that if I simultaneously turned the ignition on
and pressed  a window button I could get them to work right away - but
that technique stopped working as well...

I've now left them in the down position and they haven't wanted to come
up in the past few days. Time to address the issue.

I believe this is a power source issue - when they do begin to work, all
switches work, when they don't none of the switches work.

Fuse is good.

Is there a relay for the windows?

Does anyone have an electrical diagram for windows to help me trace this

Is this a common issue w/the S6?


Vittorio -

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