[s-cars] R compound tire pressures?

LL - NY larrycleung at gmail.com
Wed Aug 4 07:09:31 PDT 2010

R-comps have a stiffer sidewall than even the best of the street Rubber
(like RE11's, Direzza SS's). So tire roll-over is less of an issue, although
the added grip (there is more, surprisingly, just read the last GRM on that)
cause more body roll, so you're fighting that.  All of that being said, you
can probably lower your pressures somewhat (greater contact patch) and you
can balance the car with pressures.  I'd start with your street pressures,
and start lowering in 2 psi increments.

FWIW, on a stock class Saabaru (nee WRX wagon) ~ 3300 lbs, on R-comps, I
tend to run 36F, 46R (helps reduce understeer and improve car placement vs.
total grip by shrinking the rear contact patch), and on a slicker course,
I'll drop the front to 35.  If it gets too loose on turn in, I will lower
the rear down to about 42, which I had to do at my last event, the entrance
to the downhill slalom got a bit dicey.

On Wed, Aug 4, 2010 at 9:01 AM, Lee Levitt <lee at wheelman.com> wrote:

> I have some experience with street tire pressures for autocrossing,
> typically running 40-42 front, 38-40 rear.
> How different is the strategy for R compound tires? What cold
> pressures should I run for autocross and the track?  Car is a B5 A4
> with Eibach/Bilstein suspension (not overly stiff).
> Thanks!
> Lee
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