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The response took 5 days to hit the list – thought it was amusing.


Our admin was on an, I’m sure, well deserved respite (hope it was fun J)!


Just in case there are mis-interpretatins – let me re-iterate: “The list is great!”


Have a great day folks….


Vittorio -

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What you talkin bout willis?



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Wow - that only took 5 days...

Vittorio -

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That is a sweet link!

However, won’t need it right away (I’ll store it in my S6 fix-it files).

Jerry Scott sent me an old post about a guy that had fixed his relay – so I slipped the plastic cover off the relay and sure enough there was a solder that was broken.

I’ve re-soldered it, and now everything seems to work 100%!!!

Woo hoo – the list is great J

Thanks to all.

Vittorio -


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