[s-cars] Suggested Modification to the Timing Belt R&R DIY

Joshua Van Tol josh at spiny.com
Thu Aug 12 06:10:47 PDT 2010


I don't think there's any problem with that, other than that it could be
difficult to torque those crank to sprocket bolts. That's the way I do it on
other makes of cars.


On Wed, Aug 11, 2010 at 9:11 PM, David Forgie <forgied at shaw.ca> wrote:

> Previously, I had no garage when the timing belt needed R&R so I had it
> done.  This time
> a) I have a garage and b) I have the time (retired June 1).  I have been
> following Fred Munro's DIY
>  (available as a pdf at S-cars.org).  I have also installed an RS2 exhaust
> cam, changed the turbo
>  coolant hose (under the water manifold) and changed the crank sprocket.
> The question is about the lower (metal) timing belt cover.  Fred suggests
> that you install the crank
>  sprocket (and damper), the timing belt and the lower cover as one unit.
>  This can be accomplished
> by slining the crank sprocket (and damper) on the timing belt, with the
> lower cover sandwiched in
>  there.  The problem is installing the 10 mm (head) bolts on the lower
> cover is *quite* difficult this
>  way AND you cannot see the bottom of the cranksprocket and the timing belt
> to know for sure that
>  the belt and the sprocket are still meshed properly.
> My question/suggestion is what would be wrong about separating the damper
> from the crank
> sprocket (which I already had done BTW), and installing the belt, the cover
> and the cranksprocket
>  first (easier access to the cover bolts, good visual on the timing belt on
> the crank sprocket) and
>  THEN installing the damper on the crank sprocket (it is "keyed" by a small
> dimple (but you could
>  mark the position before hand)?  Seems like it would have been easier.
> Hope all is good with everyone.
> Dave F.
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