[s-cars] By-pass valves

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 On a stock plastic Bosch valve you shouldn't even get a single pump off a mity-vac without the diaphram lifting = 2 bad BPV in your possession


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Thanks Scott, Dave, et al;
I understand the Bosch Audi OEM's operation pretty well as described by Dave and Scott.
Having said that, my question was, and is, should the OEM plastic valves open on the bench with vacuum applied to the small control port? The Forge aluminum valve does, but neither of my OEM plastic units will, and I hear what seems to be air bleeding by the diaphragm when vacuum is applied.
They have never (at least in my ownership) been installed backwards, but wondering if they need to replaced and tossed, or if they are as normal for a stock OEM. I'm guessing from this behavior that the diaphragm is ruptured and they are toast?



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