[s-cars] Remote Oil Cooler height

Manuel Sanchez manuelsanchez at starpower.net
Sat Aug 14 06:31:33 PDT 2010

Fellow S-Heads,

I have a Rossato bin with the parts for a larger remote oil cooler. I  
am planning on installing it in the location of the factory  
intercooler, stuffed in the left wheel well. I have wondered however,  
if the height at which I install the oil cooler is important, my  
thinking is that if it is mounted too high, relative to the oil pan,  
that when I shut down the car after its hot that all the oil that  
might be stored at a level that is higher than the oil pan will drain  
back to the oil pan and result in an over-fill condition.

I have that cautionary warning that is that you should not overfill  
your oil pan, but never new of the exact reason why this was bad,  
other than perhaps adding a bit more drag.

I am also imagining that if I did have this overfill condition, it  
could be temporary, as after the car cooled down and the thermostat  
allowed for passage back to the oil cooler the correct oil level  
would be reached. So another question popped into my head full of  
rocks.... is a temporary overfill condition OK?

Which leads to yet another question regarding how to properly fill  
the system the very first time, since presumably the thermostat would  
be closed and would not allow oil to flow into the new oil and longer  
lines until after the system had reached the proper temperature.

I might also be overthinking this whole thing too.



95.5 usS6 Avant (under the knife)

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