[s-cars] Project S6 on the road again in Pittsburgh

Andy Schor walbum1 at verizon.net
Sat Aug 14 09:07:54 PDT 2010

Although there are still a few issues to address, I finally drove the S6 
home yseterday.  The driver's door required a replacement latch and lower 
hinge, all other doors have been lubed.  The key-remote is working, I'm 
going to get an extra key made ASAP.

Last week on a 'shakedown run' the CEL came on and the temp gauge started 
creeping up while in traffic.  Back to the shop for a coolant temp sensor. 
It did it again on the way home, so I switched the A/C (which was working 
fine) to heater to help evacuate underhood heat but only got ambient temp 
air.  I suppose the new sensor could be bad or maybe the thermostat?

After running issues are sorted, I'm going to work on the stereo. 
Apparently this car had a big stereo at some point.  When I got it, it had 
(has) the Bose head unit which is in SAFE mode, I have the code but can't 
seem to make it work.  There are Boston crossovers stashed under the 
instrument panel, a 'Monster" RCA cable under the back seat near the 
battery, and cutouts in the carpet on the back (trunk side) of the rear 
seat.  I don't like "Bose sound" anyway, my plan is to replace the HU and 
add an amp and rear speakers (the crossovers are apparently for the front 
speakers).  I'm not looking to for a massive system, open to suggestions.

Andy Schor
'95 S6 280K miles
'91 200q20v Avant 301K miles 

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