[s-cars] MTM 1+ chips and GM map sensor

Ben Swann benswann at verizon.net
Tue Aug 17 08:52:54 PDT 2010

I'll point you to another solution that may be less $ and  guranteed to work.  
Since I don't have my (GTQuattro) version that will be made specifically for the
Motronic ECU, I am suggesting another that is made for the purpose of modifying board
mounted pressure transducers and I have used these - they work.
These are the RS AutoSport # Bar Upgrade kit for Megasquirt:
 it works and you wont beat the price.  The only downside is it does not fit that well
inside the ECU, but is sure is much better than the GM MAP.
There is more info on 3 bar solutions including the GM one here:
<http://www.megamanual.com/v22manual/3bar.htm>   This link contains info for the GM PT
and others.
I have the components for a correct fit and insert unit on my desk.  I should have had
this done already,  I can probably market these in the $50 price range.  If you want to
try one, I could probably have one ready within 2 weeks.


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         thanks for the information , I think I am going to try a GM sensor I already
got some good info from another lister. I was already planning on having the new sensor
on the outside of the ECU and install standoffs in the ecu to attach the wires. If you
get something soon let me know. The bosch sensors are just crazy in price by comparison.

Regards, George

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Subject: MTM 1+ chips and GM map sensor
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Voltage output with respect to manifold pressure is nearly identical on a few of these.
The issue may be more with packaging and fitment inside the ECU - you should be able to
make it work.  Also there are a few different versions that have a different Vo skew.
You want one that measures linearly from  - 13.7  to 30.0 PSIg .

You will need to verify which leads on the GM sensor correspond to the pins of the
pressure transducer to solder on the circuit board in the ECU.  That I don't know off
hand, but it is likely the leads do not match up with the pin order of the BOSCH.  Also,
the stranded wire leads are not a good way to solder on a printed circuit board.

I'll have a pin for pin direct substitute available for original Bosch 3 bar P.T. soon
for around $100. 


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I recently purchased to some MTM 1+ chips to install and was figuring on using the
generic GM 3 bar map sensor obtained from ebay. I have been told it should work OK ,
just wondering if anyone else has used one and how it worked. I would also like to know
the three wire connection wiring for the GM sensor, any BTDT. I have some Lehman stage 3
chips now which I like but always trying something different .

Regards, George] 

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