[s-cars] Thanks ups and now I'm headed to the basement.

jeff postupack jeff.postupack at gmail.com
Wed Aug 18 14:11:24 PDT 2010


As a suckah for all things C4 related, I now have 2 of dem bitches, one
(the oldest) of which is no problem at all and the OTHER is
becoming a teenage, lady. finicky beotch.. whining that I jus don't take
care of her like the other girls..  but I digress.

I just gotta ask why oh why are you tempting us with this mysterious list of
basement parts.. without
revealing it in the ever smallest detail to tease us to wait what! ?  a week
now? - while we wait impatiently to see the OH so sexy V10 S6 that, um  I
hope to see.  least Tozo won;t have to debug it.

when ALL I really need is a FAN fuse in the lower left kick panel AND some
common sense to check that FIRST..

Pray tell what' cha got there Airbil..
besides transmissions an stuff.


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Delivered today as I stock up for the apocalypse:
Is there a good deal on the 5w40 anywhere on earth?  PepBoys has I think 30
weight with a $20 rebate... d'oh!

And now I venture down to my Rosatto Room (RR)tm (not roy), to just see what
kind O krap (KoK)tm, I have to dispose of at Fest.
Lotta good stuff down there.
Man O man.  (long pause)   O man
Good stuff!
Really good stuff.
Really, really, good stuff.
I would come to Sfestivus in hopes of just catching a glimpse of this
Anyone of these dream parts could be yours.
Just not even right to think of parting with it.
Ya never know whenst it will be needed.
Mods contemplated, never started.
Thoughts thunk and then stored.
Pieces removed and saved for posterity.
Every part has a story.
Oh, the humanity!
Bill~Overserved Parts & Drama~M

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