[s-cars] Mileage with MTM 1+

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Ben, I need to do my homework first, in order to understand what you wrote. I will get back to you :) How can I find out what kind of fuel injectors do I have? 
Thank you your response (and for pushing me to learn). 

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Subject: Mileage with MTM 1+ 

What injectors are you running and at what fuel pressure? 

When set correctly this and a few other chips will run: slightly rich at startup and idle ; Stoich to lean at moderate cruise, Accel will be slightly rich of Stoich. And Full load approaching 12:1 A/F. 

Typical injector setup might be 42 lb/hr greentops with 53 psi pressure - that would tend to run on the more fuel wasteful side of things, but give good overall power. 

This might be what is happening. 

With less injector more pressure say 36 lb/hr @ 56 PSI fuel pressure you can get better economy. Best to dial in with Adjustable FPR and WB02 meter. 


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