[s-cars] temp gauge error, '99 A6

mike schowengerdt urdrquattro at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 1 14:38:35 PDT 2011

lee. the sending unit on this car is notorious for a mutitude of different 
failure symptoms, replace it w/ a new oem dealer part (get the new o--ring and 
horseshoe clip also)  aftermarket parts are all worser crap than oem  ~$30parts

may need to bleed air from cooling system if it got really low, this 2.8 will 
get an airlock and not circulate

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Subject: [s-cars] temp gauge error, '99 A6

A quick question...

My mechanic replaced the coolant overflow tank on my '99 A6 this week. Not long 
after, my daughter reported that the car was overheating -- coolant temp gauge 
almost in the red and a warning on the dash. Oil temp was normal. No other signs 
of an issue.

After sitting overnight, upon starting, the engine coolant gauge showed 3/4 hot. 
Shouldn't it read cold on a cold start?

Does this sound like a sending unit or wiring issue rather than something more 

Thoughts appreciated. We're taking a road trip tomorrow and I'd prefer to take 
this car rather than the others...but not if there's any question about the 
cooling system.

Much appreciated.

The car will go back to my mechanic on Tuesday for a formal inquisition.

By the way, the car is black, if that makes a difference. :)


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