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There was some discussion about this on the QW forums and apparently Meyle of all people came up with a revised version with a heftier plastic portion down near the end where it normally cracks from fatigue.  Mance was going to do a run of modified ones when he discovered the revision had been made.
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Is there a better ignition switch than the OEM replacement switch?  Did they
change it to make it last longer?

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I'm having general autocheck and trip computer weirdness lately (no HID
install here tho) and I had that one episode of no tachy worky unless I
lifted the e-brake handle last week, so I'm wondering if your HID install
really has anything to do w/ the tach not working....  I'm going to pull my
cluster and re-solder the autocheck board, but I hope it's not the ignition
switch.  I replaced mine with a dealer part about a year ago but before they
came out with the improved ones.

Wylie Bean
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Back after 8 days and 2300 miles of relatively event-free family vacation
(Holiday Roaaaaaad for you Chevy Chase fans) in the Silver Avant.

Before we left I finally installed the 35 W Diverted Motorsports 4300K 9006
HID kit that my oldest son won at S-Fest last year. Additionally I decided
to replace the ignition switch which last year had caused some weird
electrical behaviors (sometimes no headlights, sometimes no CC, but only
over a few hot days.) of course the old switch showed the tell tale crack in
the housing by the return spring.

Then I tacked the HID install. I followed the included directions and am
very happy with the improvement in light output. So much so that I want to
put HIDs in the Mrs' avant too.

But, am getting the bulb out warning, sometimes repeatedly, and when I put
the lights on, my tachometer reading goes to 0rpm momentarily then back to
its normal reading.
Not noticing and other instrument cluster weirdness.

Has anyone experienced similar behavior after the HID install, or did I mess
something up with the instrument cluster. (yes I disconnected the battery
when replacing the ignition switch)

Do I need to get an HID kit with a separate relay?

-Peter Schulz
Chelmsford Ma, USA

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