[s-cars] S6 Euro Headlights

Tom Green trgreen at comcast.net
Fri Jul 8 08:57:50 PDT 2011

I bought a set of the euro headlights in one of the group buys.  I  
presently have them off the car to run a
9006 HID conversion with euro glass.  The only difference in the units  
is the DOT units have 3 of the clips
holding the DOT approved glass in place with dabs of epoxy sealing  
them in place.  It just takes some
careful work with a Dremel tool or similar to cut it loose, then you  
can access the inside to clean it up and
install euro glass covers.  The euro units use H1 bulbs but the  
reflector and interior trim is the same plastic
with the reflector coating.  They sometimes flake off from standard  
bulb heat, so high wattage bulbs are not
a good idea.  I think the 9006 bulb connector works better for a HID  
conversion anyway.

Once you have replaced the glass, the bulb base and a slightly angled  
cutoff on the passenger side projector
is the only difference in the headlight assembly, so it is hardly  
worth $800 for a new set, and any used set
would need the same cleaning as the present lights and perhaps new  
glass covers.

Tom '95 S6
          '95.5 S6 avant
Knoxville, TN

On Wednesday July 6, 2011, at 10:15 PM,  djdawson2  
<djdawson2 at aol.com>   wrote:

> I should have been more clear.  The lenses... great.  Buying the  
> whole assembly was a waste of money.

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> Really?!? Couldn't disagree more. E-code lenses were HUGE for me. I  
> did go
> HID's also soon after but the clarity and sharp cutoff of the e- 
> codes is a
> big upgrade IMO.
> However I wouldn't bother w/ the expense of real Euro light  
> assemblies -
> just get the lenses and do it in an hour on the workbench - well  
> documented
> and pretty easy.
>> FWIW, I didn't really find the upgrade to euro lights to be
>> terribly worthwhile.  Yes, you can run higher wattage bulbs,
>> but the change isn't amazing like other euro lights I've installed.
>> I think you'd be better off to upgrade the current lights with HIDs.

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