[s-cars] Water Wetter

Danton J.A. Cardoso djacardoso at gmail.com
Mon Jul 11 18:35:41 PDT 2011

I just wanted to extol the merits of this fine product.  Many years ago, I
had an Eagle Talon TSi all wheel drive, with significant modifications, but
looked bone stock, and Water Wetter was always recommended.  


Flash forward sixteen years later, and I decided to use this in my A4, with
the 2.8. Yesterday, I was driving back from NY, with an overnight stop in
Columbus.  Anyway, while getting ready to leave, I was watching the weather
and hearing about the significant heat that was going to happen today
through three states that I was going to be driving through.  Three of the
states were giving readings of 100 plus with heat indexes factored in.  Now,
I live in one of those three states (MO), and when I left last week, the
forecast for my town, was going to be 111 with the heat index factored in.
Anyway, when I was in Indianapolis today, and there was a bit of stop and go
traffic due to work on 465 and 65, I had the A/C on at 70 degrees, and
keeping a constant eye on the temperature gauge, it stayed rock steady in
the middle, and oil temperature was at 240.  Outside temperature was 97.   I
got into Springfield, IL temperature was 99, temperature gauge rock steady
in middle.  Hannibal, MO 101, gauge still in the middle.   One thing though,
the temperature gauge went over to the next notch after startup from getting
gas/food, but within a few minutes of driving it went back to the middle.
Considering that I blew a headgasket when the fan clutch went on this car
three years ago, and had to replace the engine, this drive put me on "pins
and needles," because the weather was about the same, when the headgasket
went, but all is well.


Mind you, I did dump the entire container in the reservoir.  Can't hurt,


I do have one question though.  My A/C did work well, but there were times
when it was on AUTO it was warm, then it got cooler, normal?  This is my
first time with digital climate control in a car.



Danton J.A. Cardoso


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