[s-cars] AAN Intake Manifold Installation Advice

weski at verizon.net weski at verizon.net
Mon Jul 11 19:04:19 PDT 2011


I'm getting ready to install a new intake manifold on my 95 S6 with 
210,000 miles.  While working on cleaning up the manifold I started to 
remove the injector inserts (plastic pieces).  Well, you can guess that 
some of them were brittle and fell apart.  So I pull out the trusty FA 
and find the part number as 034133555.  I check a few on-line parts 
suppliers and I find they are available but there are 2 different part 
numbers - 034133555 and 034133555A.  The originals are a form of 
plastic.  The "A" part is copper/brass metal.

Question - which part should I order?  034133555 plastic or 034133555A 

Also, what "while you are in there" parts should I be looking to replace 
while I have the intake manifold off?


Paul Dooley

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