[s-cars] Going insane... UrS4 falling on it's face at WOT

chris chambers fastscirocco_2000 at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 17 16:14:28 PDT 2011


I'm wondering if you have a bad MAF. perhaps if you unplug the MAF it will start?

I looked up the codes on SJM's site and listed them below; 

2223 (Blink Fault Code), 00528 VAG1551/2 Fault Code Number
Altitude Sensor (F96)
Break in wiring or short to + or ground Symptom: 
Symptom: Loss of power, boost pressure is not attainable

2413 (Blink Fault Code), 00561 VAG1551/2 Fault Code Number
Mixture Adjustment, 
Adaptation limit exceeded, Adaptation limit not reached, Leakage in exhaust system before 3 Way catalytic converters, Incorrect signal for Mass Air Flow Sensor, Spark plugs, ignition coil(s), or Ignition Coil Power output stage malfunctioning
Symptom: Rich mixture, increased fuel consumption

2342 (Blink Fault Code), 00525 VAG1551/2 Fault Code Number
Oxygen Sensor (G39)
Sensor Wiring or Sensor defective Heat resistor in sensor defective, Signal wiring shorted to ground, Fuel tank empty, Ignition system component failure, air leak at mass air flow sensor, air leak in exhaust pipe before catalyst, poor ECU ground wire connection at intake manifold. 
Symptom: Emissions not within specifications, increased fuel consumption, rich exhaust, spark plug fouling, 
Carbon Monoxide (CO) percentage above 3%, 

SNIP>>>>>>>>>Darin said:

>It gets better. I'm now broken down in Faribault, mn with a car that
>cuts out when I give it any gas at all. Codes 2223, 2413, and 2342.
>Lately I hate my car.

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