[s-cars] Looking for used Audi interior bits for kid project - S-Fest

Abe Berman yellowcuda at gmail.com
Wed Jul 20 06:51:24 PDT 2011

Random request for donation of interior bits including: a steering wheel,
cluster, gauges, rocker switches, stalk switches, shifter assembly or
slushbox shifter for a little "driving simulator" I am setting for the kiddo
to play with this winter in her room.  I am kicking myself because I had
complete interiors/clusters from a C4 A6, a 4kq, and a 200tq but I got rid
of them in the last move.  I was thinking I would mount things up to some
plywood or particle board and fab up some faux pedals to play with.  I will
be at S-Fest and could pick up there.

These would be your castoffs, NOT 1 of 1 uber-rare NOS audisport RS2
ROSSATO-BIN gear.  I am looking for stuff that would otherwise be headed to
the dumpster but was "too good to get rid of" 15 years ago, if you catch my

Also, if the steering wheel was either non-airbag or could easily be modded
to remove airbag, that would be better (from wife’s perspective at least).  A
FUGLY/funky brown 4kq one is what I was thinking, I was even going to rig up
the horn button to honk.  I don’t care if it’s a Franken-car and I don’t
mind any VAG or non-VAG stuff, I just thought the 4-ring logo on the wheel
would be pretty sweet.  It might someday end up on a soapbox derby car too.

Thanks in advance,


Burlington, VT

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