[s-cars] electric cooling fan operation

bill mahoney airbil at gmail.com
Thu Jul 21 11:49:49 PDT 2011

248,000 miles?  yikes YIKES!
but I digress...
No. 1, it could be time for a new fan clutch.
No. 2, it's prolly time for new electric cooling fan.
         This fan gets old, corroded and seizes up, or near seizes up, but
at any rate since it then requires too many amps to turn on, voila, the fuse
blows.  It is the mother of all 30 amp fuses IIRC. (BIG)
The one on my S6 well hidden under the side panel of the drivers foot well.
However, I believe some urS4 folks said theirs was on the passenger side?
Electric motor should be relatively cheap and easy to change... viscous
clutch may require a special tool and some skinned knuckles.
Bypassing the heater shouldnt be a problem unless perhaps there is a big
kink / turn in the hose??
Keep in mind these are way odd ball temps today and winter will too soon
return :/
Good luck !

On Thu, Jul 21, 2011 at 1:32 PM, chris chambers <fastscirocco_2000 at yahoo.com
> wrote:

> Sir. Bill Mahoney has had some experience with this issue, I am sure he can
> provide in  depth details on what to check.
> As I recall the causes could be: Bad temp sensor and/or fan, plus there is
> a large fuse.
> Several of us were involved in the diagnosis and repair of this issue at a
> previous //S-Fest
> Bill .... feel like sharing?
> Chris
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> So yesterday I had my '93 S4 idling next to my idling '95.5 S6A. Both had
> the A/C on at the time and I noticed that the S4's electric cooling fan was
> not running and the S6A's was. Both cars were cold as this was early AM,
> maybe 60f. What should be happening when the A/C is on and when does/should
> the fan(s) kick into high?  I drove the S4 later in the day, about 90f and
> still no fans with A/C on.
> I'm wondering if my S4's fans have ever worked correctly since I don't
> recall the fan EVER kicking into high mode. I've never had cooling problems
> on the S4, but since I bypassed the leaking heater core last month, it has
> been running a little hotter. Just past the fat mark at 11:00 on the dial
> and hotter yet when not moving.
> I recall a test for the switch by jumping the posts?, but can't find the
> info I thought I had saved.
> Info. appreciated.
> Ron
> '93 S4 248.5k
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