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Tony Curran tony.curran at sympatico.ca
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Sorry to hear of your experience. I have a Stebro exhaust from the cats
back and have had no problems. I live not far from their facility - they
charged me $1055 (cash) inc installation.

96 S6

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Very sad to report that the Stebro company, a once very well-regarded
manufacturer of quality stainless steel exhaust systems has turned into
a glorified con.  You send them money, and what they send you, *3
months* later, is useless garbage.  My mechanic, one of the best Audi
mechanics in the country, George Ritchey, proprietor of German Motors in
Tahoe City, CA, says that maybe, just maybe, he can modify the parts
they sent to fit, but he is not at all confident.  The parts are stupid
bad, e.g. slip joints made from two different sizes of pipe. (!!!!)
Bends are wrong, etc. etc.  I wasted $1600 on this crap.

Randy Lee
(510) 710-3344
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