[s-cars] Was the Blue S6 avant that went AWOL in Colorado ever found?

Peter audionly at gmail.com
Mon Jul 25 13:35:07 PDT 2011

No, the car has not been recovered, but beyond the $5,000 reward I now have
an investigator looking into it. I really think it has been stripped and
crushed. Dave Jones of S-line has indicated (or rather his attorney has
indicated) that it was stolen sometime between February 15 and March 1 but
they did not report it until June 29, 2011.  From the limited information I
can get from his attorney, Mr. Jones alleges I just took the car (actually
he had the only set of keys so he indicated to the police that I put it on
my rollback truck and took it) even though I had not received a requested
invoice for the work and had not therefore paid for it. (Grand Larceny if I
had taken it without paying for it) Nor was I ever given the original head
on it that Dave said was no good; but would not produce it for me to see.
And from what I can gather so far, S-line does not have garage insurance.
Also, I have asked his attorney for more specific information as to when it
was stolen, i.e. day or night, where was the car when it was stolen etc.; to
help the investigator and Dave and his attorney have refused to respond.  In
other words, David now refuses to help me find my car that was stolen from
his shop.    Even though he was confronted by the Federal Court on June 10,
2011 about the car; he did not report it to the police (or anyone) until
June 29, 2011 and I only found out about it on July 8, 2011 when his
attorney sent me a copy of a response to the Federal Court ORDER TO SHOW
CAUSE why he shouldn't be held in contempt for not turning the car back over
to me. Here is a link to pics of the cars and vin no. I will have a link to
the court proceedings (trial in September) Reward is still valid! Thanks for
any help. /s/ Peter


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