[s-cars] Audi logo permission for mats

Jeremy Palenchar jeremy at palenchar.net
Wed Jul 27 13:11:34 PDT 2011

These appear to be $125 from AutoAnything with free ground shipping.

It doesn't look like the savings make up for the hassle of putting together
the group buy.


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I didn't read through all the posts, but here is some information that may
> be of assistance to you. I was a LLoyds dealer when they were making 
> mats for Audi.  At that time you could order all kinds of logos and 
> trademarks from them before they got in trouble with Audi; the result 
> being Audi quit doing business with them.
    I just called them and we still have our account. I am willing to do a
one time order for everyone at cost as long as someone else does the
logistics, i.e. collect money and get mailing addresses.
The price for the set of front mats in the ultimate (that is what Lloyds
"Audi" mats were made of before) weave is $49.95 and a set front and rears,
$79.95. No logos.  Price does not include shipping and there is a $2.00
charge for drop-shipping. (In other words, unless these all go to the same
place, there is going to be an additional $2.00 on top of shipping for each
separate address. Any color, and almost any model Audi. I would prefer to
keep this to Audi floor mats only. Perhaps if this works we can add on a few
bucks to each set to give to Dan to help run this site.  Let me know. /
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