[s-cars] Tire wear/suspension help needed

Steve Marinello smarinello at entouch.net
Sat Jul 30 17:25:24 PDT 2011

The car was re-aligned twice after repair; full 4-wheel alignments.  The 
first time there was still a bent piece in the RR suspension that the 
adjuster would not authorize for replacement until it came back 
unalignable from the alignment shop.  Then, after replacement, it was 
aligned again.  They obviously did a lousy job.  I need to find out 
where the body shop sent the car, because it should be avoided.  The 
only tire wearing right since then has been the LF.


On 7/30/2011 6:20 PM, Larry wrote:
> Believe it or not, I'd have (if you don't have means to do self    alignments) the front toe checked out. It's possible that it could have been knocked out in the accident and it is usually the single most common cause of inside wear. A full alignment, including thrust angle should have been checked out prior to returning the car to your son.
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> On Jul 30, 2011, at 9:32 AM, Steve Marinello<smarinello at entouch.net>  wrote:
>> The subject car is the kids' '04 A4q Ultrasport.  You may remember that I mentioned he was in an accident while at college.  The car was hit pretty hard at the passenger side rear door and rear bulkhead as he made a left turn and was hit by someone rushing in a new Accord to make the light.  Bad decision/speed estimation or whatever.  The car was hit hard enough to spin him and the original estimate of $4k blossomed to $8.5 k as they worked on it.  Still it came out okay, it seemed, with a new door RR door, fender and suspension pieces there.  As the tire was shot, I shipped him out a couple of barely used spares and we drove it out from San Diego to Houston at the end of May.  Since then, he also did a round trip to/from Alabama to visit my father-in-law this summer.  I was in the car with him and heard what sounded like feathering/cupping was going on in the right front.  Checked it out...very localized and significant wear, down to the belt over about three inches on the inside with focused wear extending another couple of inches per side.  This is on one of the tires sent out, not one that was in the accident.  My mechanic did not see anything more than me, which is the engine mount on that side is shot; completely collapsed and split.  So, two engine mounts and the tranny mount will be replaced, but my question is, to our resident experts, is that kind of wear possible without something else bent or messed up in the front suspension?
>> I'll deal with the tire today, and order either 034 mounts or RS4 mounts from ECS Monday, but what do you guys think?
>> TIA,
>> Steve
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