[Staff] wiki whining

Scott Phillips Scottp at ippe.com
Sat Nov 17 07:50:59 PST 2007

I'm pretty sure the decision (by Dan or Brett) was to go ahead and get
and install MediaWiki. As I think it was "my" post that seemed to bring
this to a head I want to take a min and explain my thought. 

I can understand that the task of cleaning up the pages and getting it
back to a point where it is safe, but usable is a goal, but I think that
the task should lay within the hands of the people that use it, or at a
very minimum want it returned. That way the volume of work to be done is
distributed among the masses instead of dumped on a small few. 

Put in place some additional anti-spam controls, like email address
verification and no URL or IMG hyperlinks for those which have not
posted or successfully edited at least "x" number of entries..just as a
check of sorts. No one wants to manage crap, but the burden back on the
user(s), have each user of that page responsible of correcting and
maintaining each page. Put a tag on the bottom of each page with the
last username of the person to visit it, and if the next user see that
it's still a bunch of porn..call them on it. It is after all by the
users for the users. Everyone's a contributor, everyone's a police
officer. Then Put the entire wiki as is back up porn and all or as much
as be ported over as possible. Whatever remains, to cut and paste does
and that's the job ahead.

I have to admit that while my initial thought was pointed and selfish, I
was only looking to re-built the parts that I personally have interest
in (V8 / T44), Kneale pointed out my oversight that it looked as if I
"only" wanted to rework that specific content (and still do), it doesn't
mean that there isn't a "me" out there for each of the specific chassis
types and a few others that can be committed to their specific
interests. I think at one time or another everyone has something to
contribute, so let them contribute. If the information is wrong, or
steps missed, again but the ability for on-going correction and
contribution back in the hands of the person using it...BUT let them
know that, using it is just not reading it contributing in or on any
level. (wrong or otherwise). MediaWiki seems like a great tool and I
hope it become the resource of resources. 

Just my $0.02. 


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