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> This is why torsen is it's own list :)
>  I find torsen to be much easier to turn-in with and exceptionally 
>  predictable. Yes, oversteer and understeer with a chipped A4 is available 
>  command, and utterly benign.
Interesting, I drove a chipped A4 at Motorsports park a couple of years ago 
(Pikes Peak audifest) of one Mr. Rudack, and I didn't find "utterly benign" 
to be my experience.  Neither did Brendan.  
>  The 4k is faster on the same course becuse of the lack of turbo lag, the 
>  static camber, and the proportionally wider tires. It also has severe 
>  understeer with the center locked (faster than unlocked). The turn-in is 
>  much worse than my FWD-based 323gtx.

Try locking the rear, understeer gets exponentially worse.  Interesting that 
a 4k with 70 less ponies is faster. 
>  I think the torsen issue is grossly overstated. I can't reproduce it. The 
>  folks who say they can are all atither about exiting corner two in an 
>  off-camber situation while punching the throttle. Hmmm. I think that even 
>  can induce bad handling in any car. The question is one about learning the 
>  driving chracteristics of any vehicle. That being said, I too have high 
>  hopes for REAL haldex variants. This will be vastly superior with good 
>  circuitry from rally.

Easy, come to steamboat.  Even Scotty Davis (ex owner of the monster 20vt 
urq) didn't do so well with it in his tweeked 200tq20vt, and he lives at that 
The big problem with Haldex as I see it, is it needs to be disengaged to run 
abs.  It currently disengages with brake application too (problem left foot 
braking).  Rally cars don't run abs, so this "circuitry" will have to come 
from the street versions.  This isn't going to be easy in terms of chassis 
dynamics.  What I think might work (but would be a major step for the audi 
folks), would be a abs defeat switch, which allows a full time locking 
haldex, very similar to the Gen 1 system.
>  Racing professionally is a matter of different compromises. I want a spool 
>  for reduced weight, reliability, and possibly 10/10th predictability. 
>  3-layer nomex on.

The only issue with this argument is that cf and hp are the same thing.  When 
you enter an 'emergency' situation, predictability of the center diff is the 
key, and lacking.  Come to steamboat, you'll wish for the 4kq


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