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> Jani -
>  I think there is an old Finish saying that goes something like, "Sometimes 
>  single word can be the most dangerous thing...."
>  And, as Groucho Marx would put it "You've said the secret word!!!"
>  Mike "Won't talk about screens (but hey, I'm making progress)" P.

No question in my mind that those of us crazy enough to create big bock S 
cars will be sharing secrets well known by many for years;).  I also have my 
doubts that the stock secret word can handle long term the torque you will be 
applying to it Mike.  They get hot, and they blows up, ask your laddy in CO, 
he's seen it personally more than once.  I promise to only take good notes 
when you tackle *that* issue.

Scott "screenman" J

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