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> Scott -
>  Are you making allusions to the cars center differential?  Its my current
>  understanding this may be the only really reliable way to get rid of the
>  T***sen spyders.

Oversteer isn' a HP/torque equation only.  It's only part of a matrix.  Given 
that, in this matrix, HP=cf, what you will accomplish is more spyders in a 
drier environment.  And, in that drier environment, you will have more 
applied load on the side gears and more frictional force on the invex gears.  
>  You should applaud this as, the Right Rev. Jesse Jackson might say,
>  "This will be a safety "feature", not a safety failyur."

I predict not.

>  BTW, are you really sure about this?
Yes.  The main reason you don't find torsens in the off road truck series.  
100% failure rate.
>  Have you checked with Dave Eaton?
Er, I forgot
>  Have you been destroying your rally rides with too much bhp? .....
No, that was Plesek
>  or has it been too much {sic.} "bock"?
>  Maybe Shiner Bock?   ;-)
A fine dark, but doesn't cloud the senses as much as Sierra Nevada Pale.
>  Scott I am reliably informed by the elves in Munich, or is it the trolls in
>  Trollhatten, or it could have been the reindeer in Lapland that this is not
>  now, and will not be an issue.  Your differential calculus to the possible
>  contrary not with standing.  No BTDT, but I'm taking the elves, reindeer 
>  troll's advice on good faith.  Plus the God Father has blessed me in this
>  endeavor.
My BTDT is that used T units are quite available, and most yards will sell 
you one cheap, since they have no idea what it is.  I would also share that 
just about every audi race car has a trans cooler and pump.


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