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Ok Dave, all exceptions so noted (mercy).  The facts remain to this day, that 
the lockers are consistently faster than T*, on dirt or pavement.  StigB 
didn't use the T* cars, and beat WR in Drivers Points in '85, and won 
outright the drivers championship in 84.  WR also used some specially tweeked 
T* units, to make them 'work' for 1 single win, as you noted.  WR is also on 
record that he didn't care for the T units, and StigB is also on record with 
the same comments.  Er, hello?

Interesting too, the Audisport spec'd 1995 FIA S2 rally car I service doesn't 
have a center T unit in the parts bin (the logbook only shows a swap time for 
the center diff, but it's always locked), but no less than 6options for the 
front and rear (driver preference).  

All notations the contrary so noted, what comes forth in all these anecdotes 
is the stopwatch, it's the objective measure of all this BS.  I enjoy hearing 
of quicker turn-in Oversteer, etc...  Unfortunately, Lawson's interviews 
certainly indicate that this is a non discussion, as championships are still 
won with the old tried and true, Motorola Cup 2000, or WRC in 1984.  WR is 
talented, but it would appear *objectively* that even he couldn't get a real 
handle on the predictability.

Bottom Line:  The U from locked diffs is more predictable v T, which makes 
the *consistently faster* rally or track.

Lovin the anecdotes, it sure is tough to explain Motorola/Speedvision 
results(?).  And tough to come to Steamboat and prove the contrary.


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Dave.Eaton at clear.net.nz writes:

> nope, the factory s1’s ran torsen centres for rohrl and mikkola (see 
>  interview of hannu in the q-list archives).  however, most of the
>  development effort was however focused on the pdk clutch and 6-speed 
>  the pdk clutch was homologated by audi in 1984, and was used at times with
>  the sport, before the s1.
>  the pdk clutch was the pre-cursor of the active differentials which every
>  wrc rally car runs.
>  dave

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