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Mon Dec 4 21:40:12 EST 2000

In a message dated 12/04/2000 9:04:16 PM Eastern Standard Time, QSHIPQ writes:

> OK, Tell me how to get a straight 40/60 split. Does anyone make a 
>  >  center diff. to do this?
>  >  Rod
>  VC is the only way to accomplish this or a custom torsen, but either way, 
> only the beginning of your problems, and from a practical engineering 
> standpoint, the locker is simpler, more bulletproof and cheaper.  What 
> your edl, your 4 channel abs and your open rear diff?
>  This mental exercise has little hope of practical fruition.  Even if you 
> could do it, you have a whole nother set of problems when you are looking 
> dumping it to purchase that used RS4....
>  Bottom Line:  The torsen works, albeit with compromises.  One of which is 
> having to watch a properly tuned locker dude pass ya.  For straight line 
> you have the meow.  For turns, stopping thinking in terms of rwd O in a fwd 
> designed car.  You own the wrong car for that.
>  SJ
OK if everyone can (?) agree to this, then the best way (short of a full cage 
and revised suspension) to get an s4 around a track quickly is get REAL big 
brakes, and build a REAL strong motor, and brake fully b4 drifting a line, 
then accelerate hard out (but dont count on making speed THRU the corner). If 
this is the way (slow in fast out) to do it (safely/predictably) in any less 
than a full race car, I will drive in this manner.  I really never expected 
the car to handle like a Porsche or Lotus anyway, but hoped to make it handle 
with considerably less understeer. This strategy plays well to what I have 
done to this point in mods. Like I said b4, do the best with what you have. 
It may never be a slot car but it is still a helluva car (with enough HP 

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