[torsen] Re: Not the last Torsen note I guess

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Tue Dec 5 09:34:09 EST 2000

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urquattro at phoenixdsl.com writes:

> ... seems to me  the 959 and others used clutch packs to implement a
>  variable F:R torque split ...

Don't forget that the early v8's used clutchpacks too.

>  ... I would by no means consider myself an expert on this stuff, but I
>  thought I remembered hearing that the ABS and EDL algorithms treated each
>  axle independently ... if that were indeed the case it wouldn't matter what
>  the center diff was doing ...

Kinda steve.  The problem is that EDL can't cross the center axle, unless the 
center axle is open.  The nature of the beast.  The reason it doesn't cross 
the torsen, is that it can't.

>  The V8 also has a torsen in the rear diff position ... if they generate so
>  much heat it seems to me that there is more differentiation going on in the
>  rear diff app.  I haven't heard anything with regards to reliability of the
>  rear torsen on the v8s ... AAMOF, IME they are dirt cheap used because 
>  is so little call for them ...

But the rear *never* supports full engine torque in a quattro ever, the most 
it will ever support is 78%.  And think what that means in terms of WOT with 
78% applied torque.  Either you have a really tight turn, or you are on a low 
cf.  Both conditions quickly result in breakaway, which lowers the torque 
supported by the diff. The more applied torque put to it, the more heat 
generated, by design.



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