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Wed Dec 6 15:43:10 EST 2000

The Helix gears are not available separately from audi.  A 54% rear torque 
bias only solves a static chassis torque, dynamically it hasn't really solved 
anything, in fact...  My .02 on this reason for change, is that the S4tt has 
the absolute worst quattro f/r static balance, of 60f/40r.  A slight shift to 
the rear statically might give a slightly better turn in response with a nose 
heavy car (give the 'feel' of less understeer, but let's not confuse this 
with O), and also most likely lowers the front shift torque in a turn, then 
traction scenario.  At RA this past September, my experience wasn't so 
enamoring, S4tt on rumble strips are nightmarish.

Speaking of weight bias in quattros, a close, but interesting second (worst 
weight bias), the street SQ @ 59f/41.

I also might note that Dave Lawson and I both have tried to find more data on 
the new S4 center diff in terms of published bias ratio.  Anyone know for 
sure what the F&R torque shift limits really are?


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Dave.Eaton at clear.net.nz writes:

> this can be done with a torsen.  the s4tt has a static 46:54 rear torque
>  distribution.  it is accomplished through different angles on the helix
>  gears.
>  dave
>  '95 rs2
>  '90 ur-q
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>  s4audinut at aol.com writes:
>  > OK, Tell me how to get a straight 40/60 split. Does anyone make a
>  >  center diff. to do this?
>  >  Rod

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