[torsen] Re: static torque bias (torsen warning)

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Thu Dec 7 06:39:03 EST 2000

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> Hi Scott,
>           I've also heard that the torque bias is 60f/40r, but the limits 
>  are different things, are they not? I seem to remember reading that the 
>  torsen could adjust the actual torque in [some quattro] between 66/34 and 
>  34/66 if the situation included slip.
>  -John
OR turning with power applied.  The published data for all previous quattros 
is 78:22 (with some 75/25 'claims', but 78:22 is in all of audis TSM).  John, 
my research indicates the torque bias is listed as 54r/46 the static weight 
balance at 60r/40.


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